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That he is desperate and he feels the girls are more important

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It may mean that your boyfriend is feeling insecure or jealous. It's important to communicate with him openly about his feelings and reassure him of your commitment to the relationship. Setting boundaries and discussing what is appropriate in regard to interacting with others can help prevent misunderstandings.

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Q: If your bf get mad when you talk about other girls whats that mean?
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What does it mean when a guy wont talk about other girls around you?

It means he is being polite.

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If a boy does not talk to you but he talks to other girls does he like you?

If he talks to other girls and doesn't talk to you, it could mean he likes you and feels a bit shy and self-conscious around you. Try starting a conversation with him and watch his reaction for interest.

How do you talk to a girls on msn?

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What do you do when you have a girlfriend but you want to talk to other girls as friends?

You, can talk to other girls, just get your girlfriend's trust first and when she trusts you, she won't care. Just make sure your relationship with the other girls isn't as personal