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February 1, 2009.

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2008-11-22 06:39:40
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Q: If your baby was conceived may 7th 2008 what is your due date?
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If you conceived on February 14 when would the due date of the baby be?

November 7th

You conceived on September 14th what is your due date?

The estimated date of birth is June 7th

If you Conceived on Jan 7th what is the expected due date?

Around the beginning of October

Im not sure when you conceived your due date is the 7th may?

The approximate date of conception was August 14th 2009.

When did you conceive if your due date is october 4th?

You probably conceived between January 7th and January 15th

The baby was due on the 7th of April 2007 but wasn't born till the 19th April what date was it conceived?

Count ten months back from the seventh. It's not exact science but pretty close. Baby will come when he/she wants and it is not going to be exact all the time.

What date would you have been conceived if your Birthday was 29 November 1977?

It depends if that was your due date or not. If it was, that would make your conception date roughly March 7th 1977. This date should not be used to determine paternity.

What date did you conceive if your due date is Jan 13th 2009?

Roughly Wednesday May 7th 2008

If your due date is March 30 2009 when did you conceive?

The approximate date of conception was July 7th 2008

Im wondering when i conceived my baby because my ultasound i had on January 7th says my due date is August 5th 2009 but i had a period for 7 days on nov 2 which my periods only last 5 days?

Average human gestation is just over 40 weeks, calculated as the time between the last period and birth, so the 5th of August is probably about right. You probably conceived your baby in the cycle after your 2 Nov period.

10 weeks 3 days pregnant by ultrasound due on 7th March 2008 which date was you likely to have conceived on if you had intercourse on 17th may 22nd may 5th June then everyday on and after 8th June?

If your due date is predicted as March 7, 2008, then the approximate date of conception would have been around June 14, or 15th, 2007, putting June 2, 2007 as the approximate day of your last menstrual cycle.

When is due date if conceived on November 14?

I will assume you are talking about November 14th 2010. If so, that makes your estimated due date roughly August 7th 2011. This date could be wrong by a couple of days though. Also, babies are rarely born on their actual due date!

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