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  • Severe fatigue. When anemia is severe enough, you may be so tired that you can't complete everyday tasks. You may be too exhausted to work or play.
  • Heart problems. Anemia can lead to a rapid or irregular heartbeat - an arrhythmia. Your heart must pump more blood to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the blood when you're anemic. This can even lead to congestive heart failure.
  • Death. Some inherited anemias, such as sickle cell anemia, can be serious and lead to life-threatening complications. Losing a lot of blood quickly results in acute, severe anemia and can be fatal.
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Q: If your anemic what happens if you don't take your iron pills?
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What food do you eat as you are anemic and as you are not allowed to eat high protein food?

Take vitamin pills which include iron.

When do you use iron?

When you are anemic. When you are anemic.

What happens if you do not have enough iron?

If you do not have enough iron many things could happen. You could become anemic as well as extremely fatigued.

What is the real cause of iron tixicity in children?

The real cause of iron toxicity in children is the child ingesting iron pills. This often happens when parents leave the iron pills sitting out.

What mineral are you deficient in if you are anemic?


What to take if your anemic?

Take iron supplements, or even better eat more foods which contain iron such as spicach, broccoli, lentils, and wheatgerm. A couple of tablespoons of blackstrap molasses can do wonders for people who are anemic.

What illness is caused by low iron?

anemic illness

How do you spell the name of a person with low iron?

Anemia is the name of the condition. A person with anemia is anemic.

Can you take iron pills with your perd?

can i take iron pills with my perd

Is iron deficiency anemia fatal?

iron deficiency anemia is not fatal as long as its treated with iron supply. anemic people usually are pale, weak, they lose senses and appetite , they get dizzy and they have shortened breath.mainly it's life -time treatment (folic acid pills ). . common combination of an iron deficiency is people who carry the thalassanemia stigma in countries such as Greece, Spain or Italy (80% more people in these countries have stigma). healthy diet full in vitamins, iron , proteins, water and also, as prescribed, iron pills as recommented if u lack of iron.

Is corn starch addictive?

Yes, you can become anemic . Some of my class mates are addicted to it and I feel bad for them because they will go through any thing just to get it. Your iron will become very low and you may have to start taking pills for it.

What is the scientific term for anemic?

The scientific term for a low iron level is anemia!