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"Oh, that first date? That's just me when I'm star-struck. I'll do a little better next time... How about [...]?

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Q: If you were nervous and made a fool of yourself by being tongue tied and bashful on a first date how would you ask the girl out again.?
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Now there is something wrong with this question. "You think he likes you how do you get him to ask you out again?" Since you said 'again' I'm assuming he has asked you out before? So...if you want to date him, it probably means you like him too right? Then why don't you ask him out yourself? Too scared, or nervous? If you're SURE he likes you then its probably best to confess. Otherwise, you yourself can't GET him too, just give him time. - Smiley :)

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well, your pretty young but BE YOURSELF and look amazing...if you do that then he will surely fall for you also, to get him to ask you out again, be flirty but dont push it too far. Let him come to you.

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