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You can now lose weight while still enjoying eating favorite foods without starving yourself. Pizza, donuts and shakes are just a few of my favorites and i have lost weight without denying myself any of these pleasures. You can find it all here bit. ly/ /BioFitGo

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Nobody can know that for sure. In addition, we do not know your present weight. However, why would you choose to lose weight by staving yourself for 26 days. It is not a healthy or comfortable way to lose weight.

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Starving yourself to loose weight is not recommended .Why not try this;

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Q: If you want to lose weight in 26 days by starving yourself how much weight will you lose?
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Is it good to starve yourself to lose weight?

No. Starving yourself to lose weight is not safe, nor is it effective in the long term,for weight loss.

What is the worst possible way to lose weight?

starving yourself for weeks

What are the dangers of starving yourself to lose weight and throwing up what little you do eat?


Your weight is 203lbs how much weight would you lose in 10 days if you starved yourself?

NEVER CONSIDER STARVING YOURSELF! Consider eating cabbage.I eat cabbage as a snack because I find it delicious!! and i have a flat stomach and abbs.

How could you lose weight within a week without starving yourself and taking medicines?

hit the pookie

If you are a 230 pound 13-year-old and you starve yourself for 10 days how much weight will you lose - or is there a much better and safer way to lose weight?

Starving yourself is a rediculous and extremely unhealthy way of losing weight. Your body needs vitamins and minerals in order to lose weight in a healthy way. No matter how much you eat, (to a certain extent) if you eat healthy and you excercise consistantly, you will lose weight.

If you ran a mile and didnt eat for 3 days would you lose weight?

You maybe would lose a little weight but as soon as you eat again your metabolism would kick in and you would start to gain the weight back and some more after that too . You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight . Exercise & lower your portions and then you will start seeing results. Starving yourself or purging are the worst possible ways to try to lose weight .

Why is it that when you starve yourself for a while - a week or so - you only lose 3 to 5 pounds when you want to lose more?

There are thousands of calories in a pound, so even if you skip a whole weeks calories its difficult to lose too much weight. Additionally, by starving yourself you slow down metabolism and slow the weight loss process more. If you wanna lose more weight, take the time to do diet and exercise and give yourself weeks, not days, to lose pounds.

Can you switch from low calorie diet to low carb diet and still lose weight?

Of course you can! Low carb dieting is the fastest way to lose weight without starving yourself.

How much can you loose starving yourself?

Starving yourself is called anorexia. Anorexia can lead to serious medical problems including but not limited to death. If you need to lose weight try eating balanced meals and exercising.

Can starving yourself cause you to gain weight after you stop starving yourself?

Chances are you will not lose weight because your body will try to preserve the body fat that you already have. weight loss in the begining, but when you start eating again your body tells it self to hold on to it more.

Can you lose weight from doing cocaine?

Cocaine suppresses the appetite, you don't get hungry taking it therefore eat less. You are as good as starving yourself.