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yes, if you urinate more that 4 times a day, you should see your doctor and/ or get a pregnancy test! :P

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Q: If you urinate a lot does it mean that you are pregnant?
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I urinate a lot because i drink water a lot and i also eat the thing i want but does it mean that I'm pregnat?

Urinating a lot is one of the signs of pregnancy but you drinking a lot of water may lead you to urinate a lot too. The best option is to contact a doctor to help you know if you are pregnant or not.

Your period is 11 days away and a couple of days ago you started to have to urinate a lot more often and you feel sleepy and you are always hungry could this mean you are pregnant?

I don't have much of an answer but this is happening to me too!

You urinate a lot but is not pregnant?

Urinating more frequently can be caused by other medical conditions, such as diabetes. See a doctor to find out for sure.

Can you urinate in public in the UK if pregnant?


If you pee a lot does it mean that you are pregnant?


When you pee a lot does that mean i'm pregnant?


What does it mean if a female pees a lot?

If she pregnant!

If you are eating a lot does that mean you are pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant you may eat a lot, but it is not a sign of pregnancy, it is a sign of hunger and/or greed.

When a male sleeps a lot does it mean he has a girl pregnant?


Is urinating twice every hour a sign of pregnancy?

in pregnancy you do urinate a lot but that does not mean you are pregnant as this could mean that you may have a water infection or many other options if you are worried you should see your gp.

Can you urinate a lot if you are pregnant in your first trimester?

It is possible, but this would not be a symptom of pregnancy. It would more likely be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease or urinary tract infection.

Does marijuana smoking make you urinate a lot?