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P.S. Stop wasting weed.

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Q: If you smoke weed but not inhale would it still show you your urine?
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How can you get a dirty urine for THC if you don't smoke marijuana?

The only way you would get thc in your system is if you eat or smoke it. You might inhale second hand weed smoke if someone is in a car or in an enclosed small room.

Smoked marijuana but didn't inhale will it show up in drug test?

Yea I would say it would still show. I am sure if u smoked it like put it in your mouth and had some smoke in your mouth. Even though u didn't inhale a lot i bet u still accidentally inhaled a tiny bit; it would be impossible to hit a blunt/joint/pipe and not inhale any at all.

Does Damiana contain THC?

No Damiana Does not Contain THC if it did it would not be a safe way to smoke and still pass a urine test.

How do you get super high on weed?

well the best way to get hi would be to inhale as much smoke as possible. to inhale the most smoke you can use a vaporizer.The vaporrizer alows you to imhale 92 percent of the THC an if don't kno how to smoke out of a vaporizer then you should make a bong thata alowws you to inhale about 72 percent of the tch depending on the bong

Can you test positive for cocaine and marijuana if you inhale second hand smoke from being around it on a drug test?

It depends what type of drug test, urine test would not pick up second hand but others could. Cocaine doesnt give off second hand smoke.

Will second hand cigarette smoke show up in a drug test?

It depends on how much smoke you inhale, which would have to be an INSANE amount (like Alot). :]

If someone blows marijuana smoke at you what are the chances of it being in your system?

You would have to inhale a substantial amount of smoke for it to register; a single puff would probably not be enough to register, but if you spent a few hours in a smoke filled room it would be the same as if you were smoking yourself.

If you inhale the smoke in a cigar is it deadly?

Not deadly, some people do. I would not recommend it. You certainly do not need to in order to enjoy the cigar. And yes, inhaling cigar smoke is nearly as bad for as as inhaling cigarette smoke .

What organ is damaged the most from smoking on a short term basis?

I think it would effect your lungs because you inhale the smoke

Is charcoal grilling carcinogenic?

i guess it could if you would inhale the smoke it could but that's the only way i see it happening

What kind of drug that kids smoke with using water and cigar pipe?

That would be what we used to call a "bong" The water cools the smoke, allowing you to inhale more of it. Used for pot or marijuana.

I had a urine test come out positive for thc90 what would cause that if you dont smoke Marijuana?


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