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it stays in your system for a month no matter how much you smoke.

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Q: If you smoke once a month how long will weed stay in my system?
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If you smoke once a year how long wil THC stay in your system?

prolly a week or so... could stay a month depending on how much you smoked.

If you smoke weed once how long is it in your system?

Two to six weeks depending on the test.

You are over 200 pounds but you only smoke once every two weeks or month how long will it be in your system?

If you mean how long it can be detected in your system... over 6 weeks in the human hair after use. No matter how much you weigh... it is in your hair for quite some time.

How long is marijuana in the blood system once you smoke it?

it is stored in fat cells and stays in your system for 30 days

Hello I was wondering how long it will take for pot to be out of my system to pass a piss test I am 5 5 and 110 lbs and want to know how long it will be if i smoke lets say once in a month?

it will take about 20 days to clean out

How long does crack stay in system smoked once a month?

3 days

5'9 230 pounds and smoke once a day how long will it take for marijuana get out my system?

about a month but if you drink alot of water and urinate ALOT you can get the traceable amount out in about 5 days oh yea dont smoke while your tryn to drain your system or all that will be reset. good luck on your test

How long does marijuana stay in your body and how long can it be detected?

You should never smoke unless prescribed by a doctor. I believe it will always be in your system in one form or another

How often do you need to test the smoke alarm?

once a month

How long does weed be in pregnant woman system if she does not smoke everyday?

Guess it depends on how often she smokes it. There's a difference between smokeing it every other day, and smokeing it once a month. And she shouldn't be smokeing it to begin with -__-

How long is weed in your urine if you smoke once a week?

It could stay in your system anywhere from a week to 3 months depending on your build and how much you smoke.

How long will it take to clean your system if you smoke only on the weeekend?

If you only smoke once or twice a week, then it shouldn't take more than two weeks to give a clean urine sample. It takes two to six weeks (or a month on average) for people who smoke every day, or almost every day.