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If you sink the black ball before the cue ball goes in you do not win the game yet. You have to take both the black ball and the cue ball out and the next person goes and gets to place the cue ball anywhere behind the line.

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If you sink the black ball before the white one, you lose the game since the black ball should be the last one to be potted.

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Q: If you sink the black ball before the white one goes in what happens?
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The speed of the ball decreases as it moves against gravity and eventually reaches 0 at its highest point before falling back down.

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What happens in pool when you sink your last ball then the black ball in one shot?

If your Last ball is potted before the black then it is a legal shot and you win. * Added - In 8 Ball, under BCA Rules, APA Rules, and most House Rules this is loss of game.

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