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dnt tell her, just hang out with her, flirt with her and make her laugh, she might start likeing you and then like ask her out or something.

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Q: If you know a girl doesnt like you should you tell her you like her anyway?
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What should you do if the girl doesn't like you?

If a girl doesnt like you who cares there is other girls out there you know? I know finding out that the person you like doesnt have the same feelings as you sucks but dont sweat it k

You asked this girl out and she said that she doesnt know Do you wait or what Because she likes you you know that but should you go ahead and move on to someone else or should you still go for her?


What should you do if you asked a girl out and she politely said no because you have hardly spoke to her?

well you should get to know her more talk to her and if she still doesnt like you then move on

How do you ask a girl that dont like yo?

ask them out and the only way you know that a girl doesnt like you is she doesnt smile at you or say hello

You like this girl but she doesnt know it and you dont know if she likes you What should you do?

My advice:Find out!say "Hi"to her see how she reactsIf she smiles and says hi back,then she probly likes you

If a girl is spotting how long pregnant is she?

It's impossible to know based on that. To know how long she is pregnant, she really should see a doctor... which she should be doing on a regular basis anyway if she suspects or knows that she is pregnant.

How do you know that a girl doesnt like you?

When she won't suck your wing wong.

Would christian beadle go out with a girl he doesnt know?


How does a guy know if a girl doesnt like you anymore?

if they loose interest in you

What does it mean when you ask a girl out an she says se doesnt know?

That means no!!

How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend if she doesnt know you that well?

you don't. Get to know her before asking her to be your girlfriend!

How do you get a girl to like you if she doesnt know you?

A man should always make the first move so start out slowly to let her know and once she knows she'll probably start talking to you.