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You should leave her alone for awile then talk to her in a day or to and keep talking to her to let her get to know you. From, Alison

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Q: If you introduce yourself to a girl and she is like whatever what should you do next?
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How should you introduce yourself to the girl you like?

You should act calm and relaxed, if you don't you'll scare her.

How do you introduce yourself to a girl by email?

bay how you doing

You like a girl but you cant get a private conversation with her?

introduce yourself and then just be yourself

How do you introduce yourself to a girl online?

just be yourself and start a conversation which will intrest her

How do you say Richard in Chinese?

It is pronounced like this; Dee-ou lah mah- eff You should say this to a Chinese girl when you introduce yourself.

How do you start when wooing a girl?

Introduce yourself. Ask her name. Be more interested in talking about her than about yourself.

What do you do when you like a girl but they don't know?

Go ahead and introduce yourself. Talk to her.

If you like a girl but they don't notice you what should you do?

talk to them by saying hi, and introduce yourself to her friends and her last to make her more curios. hope this helps

How do you speak to a girl for the first time that is unknown?

try just being yourself and introduce yourself give her a few compliments if you want. I am a girl and guys come up to me all the time and introduce themselves i think its really sweet when they do that.

When a girl smilling and lokking at you what ido?

When a girl is smiling and looking at you, go up to her and introduce yourself. She may like you.

How do you talk to your girl crush you barely know?

introduce yourself and say hi, get to know her.

How old do you need to be to be a stable girl?

you can be any age as long as your good with horses and that you introduce yourself to them