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Do you have any symptoms of pregnancy other than missed periods? I would recommend getting a blood test from your doctor to ensure accuracy.

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Q: If you have taken a pregnancy test and it comes back negative but you have missed 2-3 periods what could this mean?
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How early can't you take a pregnancy test?

To get better results you should wait for your missed period. Some people even if they missed their period they do a test and it still becomes negative. It's best to wait a few days later after your missed period and then do the home pregnancy test. If it comes out negative and you still missing your period you should go to your doctor to get the best answer.

What if your 14 and You missed your period and you have signs of pregnancy but your pregnancy test failed what else could it be?

i would take another one like a week before your next missed period and if it comes out negative or positive either way you should go and see a doctor for a blood test

Can a pregnancy test that comes back negative be wrong if you are still having symptoms of pregnancy?


If you missed your period for 2 months then came on bleeding heavy are you pregnant?

I would go and get a home pregnancy test, take it, If it comes back positive, obviously youre pregnant.f it comes back negative, go to a doctor ASAP.

What can it mean if you have missed 2 menstrual cycles and you arent sexual active?

While late are skipped periods are common missing more than one or two can indicate health problems. See your doctor. He/She will still give you a pregnancy test, but after it comes back negative they can perform other tests to determine what is wrong.

You are spotting with crampscould you be pregnant?

Those are two signs of early pregnancy. Are your breasts soar? Have you missed a period? If you have missed a period I would strongly suggest to take a home pregnancy test. But it could also be something else so if the test comes out negative I would suggest to see your doctor if those symptoms continue.

If you take a pregnancy test 4 days before your missed period and it comes out negative can you still be pregnant?

Medical tests are never 100% certain. They can give a false positive, and a false negative result. You are asking about the possibility of a falsely negative result from a pregnancy test. These tests provide less certain results, the earlier in a pregnancy that they are taken. A sensible insurance is a retest. Yes. Usually you are suppose to take a pregnancy tests as soon as you miss your period.

How do you differentiate pregnancy nausea from actually being sick or can't you?

You differentiate pregnancy nausea from non-pregnancy nausea by taking a pregnancy test. And if it comes out negative your "not" pregnant.

Can you be pregnant even if test comes back negative?

Almost never but.... you have to take the test at the right time. The best time to take a pregnancy test is after you've missed one, twoor even 3 regular periods in a row. ALWAYS take the test in the early moring (4 am, 5 am, 6 am) because it will be even more accurate.

Is is normal for women to take a pregnancy test and it comes out negative?

Pregnancy tests rely on HCG levels in your urine. HCG is something only a pregnant woman produces. In the first months of pregnancy, your HCG level approximately double each day. Therefore it is possible that your HCG levels are still too low to register on the pregnancy test and it will show negative eventhough you are in fact pregnant. I have heard of rare cases where women do not test positive until about 4 weeks after their missed period. But this is abnormal. Usually you will begin to test positive at about the time your period is missed.

How many periods do you miss to find out your pregnant?

A missed period, or amenorrhea, is a very poor indicator of pregnancy. A missed period may be simply due to stress, or a sudden change in life style. If you think that you may be pregnant the best thing to do is to either take a home pregnancy test, or consult your physician. But please remember that a positive pregnancy is only considered a probable sign of pregnancy. The only positive signs of pregnancy are audible fetal heartbeats, fetal movement felt by an examiner, and ultrasound visualization of a fetus. So if your test comes back positive you may not actually be pregnant, and the same logic is true of a negative pregnancy test.This link may be helpful to you.

Is it possible to have normal periods throughout pregnancy?

No. When you have periods that is preparing the lining for the baby and the blood that comes out is the lining because you didnt need it if your not having a baby. During pregnancy your body is produces the lining for the baby so it does not come out.

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