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your pregnant

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Q: If you have not been using your pill right and now you are 4 days late on your period what could that mean?
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Cramping white vaginal discharge right after your period could it be an std its been 10 after my period negative pregnancy test?

You have aids... maybee

Brown clots with vaginal discharge after missing my period could I have been pregnant and this could have been a miscarriage?

please... you have no right to be asking that question you are way too young.

Been taking Mensovit Plus for one month after sex have not got my period Does it prevent pregnancy?

It's for irregular menses so it should actually help you get pregnant. If you have not gotten your period you could be pregnant right now.

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Why has my breast been tender for two days?

it is possible that you could be starting your period...if your a girl. or they could be growing

Pain in right hand?

youve been using it too much

2 weeks you been having cramp feelins in your stomachand your period is late are you pregnant?

you posibly could be pregnant or about to get your period. it could also mean you are having a misscarrige.

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Your girlfriend missed her period you have not been active in over two months she got her period in December but not yet and is about 13 days past could she be pregnant?

She could absolutly be pregnant!

When its been six weeks and your still on your period What is wrong?

This could be serious see a doctor

Your period is late and you been getting a lot of headaches?

you could be pregnant but it is best to get checked out.

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