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There are many rewards a girl could receive if her boyfriend lost a bet. She could have him make dinner for a week, help with the kids, or do laundry.

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Q: If you have just won a bet with your boyfriend what should you want him to do?
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What do you say to your boyfriend when he thinks you were with guys?

they are friends and he should just calm down i bet you he has friends that are girls that you dont know about

My boyfriend tried to take off my shirt?

well i bet he just wanted to ask you that can i see you body parts whenever he want's.

How do you get a boyfriend without changing your entire self?

When you get a boyfriend, you should be yourself. If you like a guy and know that you can't be yourself around him, then don't be with him. You should want someone who likes you for you. If you can't find someone like that look harder. You may not realize it, but I bet there is a guy just waiting for a girl like you and all you have to do is completely be yourself. Hope that helped!

What do i do when my boyfriend makes a bet with his friends on whether I'll kiss him before his friend's girlfriend kisses his friend?

If you dont want a bet to be what makes you kiss him, then just dont kiss him. He's not to say if you should or shouldn't kiss him. If you feel the moments right and its completely your decision, then kiss him. You CAN have control over him. If you don't want to be pressured to kiss him, tell him. He he's worth dating at all he'll respect you for it.

When was I'll Bet She's Got a Boyfriend created?

I'll Bet She's Got a Boyfriend was created on 1988-06-17.

Which hand do you shake with to seal a bet?

No you Dont not need a hand shake to seal a bet. A hand shake is just a friendly gesture to others to greet themselves to others. When you make a bet without shaking on it, if its your close friend, you should keep the bet unless you don't want to be their friend.

How can you make your boyfriend that doesn't want to kiss you to kiss you?

Ask him why. Maybe he has moral or religious reasons for not being intimate. Maybe he just wants to get to know you better. Maybe he has had a bad experience with getting intimate too early. You need to talk with him.

Do girls lie about having a boyfriend if they really like you?

Yes they do because we are just SO deseperate or we REALLY like you so if the girl you want to impress is just either staring at you or laughing at you she really wants to be your friend aka boyfriend:) If you try to be nice to her and she tells you she already has a boyfriend then just say that's fine then date her enemy to make her jealous because I bet you she really does like you and she will not like it if you are dating her arch enemy!!!

I want you to feel the same way i do about you?

I bet he is scared to ask you so you should go up to him and say ok listen i really like you will you go out with me... and there is a good possibiltiy he will say yes because i did and now i have a wonderful boyfriend!!!

What if you won a bet and the person you bet does not pay you and you do not want to seek revenge on that person but still feel spiteful what should you do?

dont bet with them again

Should a boy in sixth grade ask out a girl in sixth grade and they are friends but he doesn't know if she has a boy friend what should he do?

if your friends you should be able to find out if she has a boyfriend(....your in 6th grade, im in 9th and i don't have a boyfriend....) and you could find out just by joking around, like saying, oh i bet your boyfriend ate your homework, or what everwould be like an inside joke of somesort, that way it wouldn't be as acward. you could even ask one of your friends if she has a boyfriend, hopefuly you ask a trustworthy friend.

What are some consequences for your bet with your boyfriend?

He has to eat balut, or candied ants.