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When people date I classify it as a "mini marriage" because you are sharing almost the same things in that relationship as you do in marriage ... sex, hopefully discussing your future plans, loyalty, honesty (and no cheating!) It appears this guy is self centered and wants to have everything his way (staying single) but wants you to wait for him when he wants you there. That is not a good quality in a man or woman. Tell this guy to take a hike! I bet he'll start calling you on a more regular basis and if he doesn't .. don't let the door slam him in the butt on your way out! Remember hon, when someone loves you they want to be with you. That doesn't mean you have to see each other every single day or even phone each other every single day, but it does mean doing things together on at least the weekends. Don't be a statistic and sit there waiting for the phone to ring. Fade out from him ... start dating other guys. Good luck Merry Christmas Marcy Oh my god marcy i was just telling my aunt the same thing you said. i will quit calling him the guy just drives me crazy. thanks for the advice. michelle Hi Michelle I am so glad you thought of it first! LOL When it's a person in the midst of a problem we often "can't see the forest for the trees" and you've had the answer all along. I was just telling my girlfriend the other day that I bump into so many jerks out there going after young girls (I'm married) and the stories those girls tell me. My nieces and Goddaughters are dating and it's scary. However, I do know there are some wonderful guys out there and by letting the door slam on this guys butt you set yourself free! Just imagine ... free at last! I bet by summer of 2006 you'll have met a wonderful guy. Good luck hon Merry Christmas Marcy

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Q: If you have been seeing a guy for about 2 months why would he never call you and you texted him to ask if he wants it over and he said NO but why does he want you if he doesn't call you?
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