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Follow your prescribing doctor's instructions. If that is not the directions they had given you, don't proceed with your new plan until your doctor verifies that it is OK.

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Q: If you have been on the contraceptive pill for three packs in a row and are on your fourth and want to stop halfway to have a period can you do that?
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When can you except your period if you are on birth control?

Birth controls come in packs of 21 or packs of 28. Packs of 21 have the 3 weeks of the evenly spread hormones which you take around the same time everyday. On your fourth week you DO NOT take ANY birth control and your period should come sometime around that. For packs of 28 (the pack I have) the fourth week is just sugar pills to remind you that you must take the pills everyday. If you have the pack of 28 your period should come around the 2nd or 3rd day you start taking the sugar pills.

Can you take 5 packets of the contraceptive pill in a row?

Yes, you can skip your period indefinitely by taking five packs of birth control pills in a row, but you may experience irregular bleeding. Skipping periods does not increase the risk of pregnancy or problems with the uterine lining.

I want to use the contraceptive pill for only two months to skip a period on holiday. I had taken it for a year but stopped 6 months ago. Still got two packs left. Is short term use dangerous?

No, as long as you don't smoke or are at risk of thrombosis.

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Is it all right to take three packs of 21 day contraceptive pills without the 7 day free pill break?

Yes. That's just how seasonale, seasonique, and quasense are set up.

Can micronor contraceptive tablets stop your periods?

It stopped mine entirely. I was prescribed Micronor because it's progesterone only, and I needed an estrogen free product because I was breastfeeding. Being that Micronor comes in packs of 28 with no sugar pills (and no break between packs), it never occurred to me that I should be having a period. Apparently some women do. I just saw my doc two days ago, and she was not concerned that I wasn't having periods. We did switch me back to a pill with estrogen, as they are more reliable and I am no longer breastfeeding.

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During the last couple packs of your birth control pills you have missed four could that make your period irregular?

no.... but it can knock u up