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You will have trouble breathing. Don't do it. It will hurt your lungs long-term.

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2009-10-21 05:05:58
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Q: If you have acute Bronchitis what will happen if you smoke marijuana?
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What will happen if you smoke marijuana a week after you had acute Bronchitis?

You will probably get HIGH!

Can you smoke marijuana with acute bronchitis?

You can but you shouldn't. You could smoke cigarettes and crack too. Point is, it's not a question of "can" but a question of "can I do it with no harm?" The answer to that is no. Bronchitis is inflamation of the bronchi. Any smoke will irritate the bronchi, and aggravate your bronchitis. My advice is to stop smoking pot and put your health first. After about a week you will feel much better, and you'll crave pot less and less as time goes by. Trust me, I am a recovered cronic pothead.

How can a person come up positive for marijuana and not be a marijuana smoker?

this can happen from being around people who smoke it, and inhaling the second hand smoke.

What will happen if you blow marijuana smoke into a bearded dragons tank?

They get stoned

Can you get bronchitis even if you don't smoke?

yes you can still get bronchitis even if you don't smoke, but it will be very mild.

What would happen if the rain man smoke marijuana?

he would be normal again.

What is the effect of smoking marijuana on reactive air disorder?

People with asthma and or chronic bronchitis are able to smoke marijuana with no negative side effects. So long as the lungs are able to handle coughing when too much smoke is inhaled, there will be no problems. Marijuana helps to temporarily dilate the bronchi just like an inhaler does.

When does a person decide to smoke marijuana?

A person decides to smoke marijuana when they are offered it, have an opportunity to buy and smoke it, or when they have an urge to smoke marijuana.

What in cigarettes causes bronchitis?

its smoke

What does marijuana damage?

Marijuana really isin't as bad as people make it out to be. If it is used in regulation, it can cause short term memory loss and bronchitis. It can sometimes cause brain and memory damage, but only if you smoke a LOT.

If you just smell marijuana can you test dirty?

no, it hasn't entered your system... you gotta smoke it for that to happen......

What will happen if you smoke marijuana in Illinois if you are on probation?

You could have your probation revoked and go back to prison.

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