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If the baby was born at 40 weeks (full term) you got pregnant in August. Count backwards on a calendar 40 weeks from the babies Birthday.

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Q: If you have a baby in may what month did you get pregnant?
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If you got pregnant in may what month will your baby be due?

May 12th 2010? That would make your due date roughly February 16th

What month did you get pregnant if your baby was due on the 1st of february?

May I would say

If you have a baby in October what month did you get pregnant?

The approximate date of conception was Thurday December 25th 2008.

What does month of conception mean?

The month that the baby was created. Basically the month you had sex that got you pregnant

If your a month pregnant and you get punched in the stomach and bleed right after have i lost the baby?

the baby will die

You had your daughter in feb in what month did you become pregnant?

well actually it depends how many weeks it took to develop. if full baby, then May.

If you get pregnant in August what month are you do?


What does a woman who was already big look like pregnant?

Depending on the size of the women pre-baby, they may not show much, until the last month.

Is Keyshia Cole pregnant or has a baby?

She has a ten-month old son named Daniel, Jr. She is not pregnant now.

Can a baby guniea pig get pregnant?

Yes! Piglets (baby Guniea pigs) can get their mother pregnant at 3 weeks old! Also the sows (girls) can get pregnant at a month or so old...but they are pregnant for almost 3 months!

Can you still be pregnant after having one?

You can become pregnant quite soon after having a baby. Sometimes in as little a month, but that may also be dependant on how soon after giving birth Mum is to resuming normal sexual activity.

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