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If your a girl then thats probably means your wanting to experience being a lesbian.

But if your a guy then that probably means that your wondering what goes on in the life of a lesbian.

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No, but you might want to examine your feelings towards different genders. You might not be straight, but it's not like straight and lesbian are the only options.

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Q: If you had a lesbian dream are you a lesbian?
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Laura Linney is hot, but she does not seem to be a lesbian. She has been married twice, to men. Still, one can dream.

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If you are a lesbian, nothing can make you "not a lesbian."

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Not necessarily. The pressures of the society that women live in often make them very self-conscious about their body. It's very common for women to be envious of other women they perceive to be "better equipped". It may be that you are obsessing with the size and shape of your own breasts. That doesn't make you a lesbian. Having romantic and/or sexual feelings about a woman is what makes you a lesbian. If you are a lesbian, then you will inevitably fall in love with a girl; then it will be plainly obvious.

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