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after 9 months actually, September 7

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Q: If you get pregnant December 7 when is your due date?
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If your due date is September 7 when did you get pregnant?

Roughly Sunday December 2nd

My due date is sept 7 2009 when did I get pregnant?

The approximate date of conception was December 15th 2008.

What date of the month did you conceive if your due date is December 7?

march 21

When did I get pregnant if my due date is nov 7 2012?

Feb 2 2012

7 weeks 3 days pregnant by ultrasound what is the due date?

hi Im also 7 weeks and 3 days DUE date is about in JULY 1

If i got pregnant September 7 when is my due date?

Based on a normal gestation period of 40 weeks the due date is May 31st

How many months pregnant is BeyoncΓ©?

As of December 2011, Beyoncé is said to be 6-7 months pregnant. Her baby is due in February.

If you got pregnant on May 31st when is your baby due?

it depends on the date of your last menstrual cycle... not the date that you got pregnant. count 7 days and 9 months from the date of your last cycle, and you've got a date!

If your due date is May 7 2008 when did you get pregnant?

Sometime around late August 2007 or early September 2007 is when you became pregnant

If your due date is 14 -04-2010 when did you get pregnant?

4 - 9 = -5 12 + -5 = 7 your conception date is around 14/7/09Google it first please :D

Due date is April 7 how many weeks pregnant are you?

As of November 27th 2009 the approximate age of the foetus is 21 weeks.

When did i get pregnant if your due date is nov 7 2011?

That makes your estimated conception date February 13th 2010. This could be wrong by a couple of days. It depends when you actually ovulated.

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