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Yes they do. If you go to size 00 or less they will close up and look normal but any size bigger than that you might end up with saggy earlobes.

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Q: If you gauge your ears and take them out will grow back together?
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What if your child's earring hole stretched will it grow back?

If your child is gauging their ears it will heal back if they do not go past a 0'0 gauge.

You got your pitbulls ears cropped will they grow any?

When you crop a dogs ears, they do not grow back.

If you gauge your ears does it matter how long you leave them in for them to grow back?

The elastin in the tissue will always want to make them shrink so long as you don't stretch too far.

Can a half inch gauge grow back?


Is it safe to go from a taper to a plug the same week you got them?

No, do not go straight to a plug. It will rip your ears lobe and they might get infected. If you already did I would recumbent letting it all grow back (if your a 0 or smaller) and reperice your ears and wait a year or two before you gauge your ears again.

After an industrial piercing thoroughly heals if you take it out will there be a medium size hole where it was?

i have mi ears gauged, and my cartlage. and when you take them out yes there is a whole about the size of the gauge that was in its place. but it will grow back, mine grew back with in a week to a normal size.

Do your ears grow back if you cut them off?

no they don't because we are not like starfish

What are the chances Vas Deferens can grow back together after a vysectomy?

1 in 1000 grow back

My guinea pig had babies but chewed there ears off im now hand rearing them but i wondered if theywould grow back?

they wont grow back sorry

If you rip your nipple will it grow back together?


Why do ears grow with aging?

they are dumbo's ears

Do rabbit ears grow back?

No! Why would you ask a weird question like this? You thinking about cutting your rabbit's ears off, you little burger?