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When you finish the pack like the sugar pills then after your last sugar pill you start the next pack then. you do not have to wait another 7 days. that would increase your chance of getting pregnant because you would be unprotected for a week to two weeks.

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Q: If you finish a 3 month pack of birth control and I am on your last pill do you have to wait another 7 days when starting the next pack for it to be safe?
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How do you prevent gain weight while taking birth control?

To prevent weight gain on birth control, don't change how much you eat or exercise. If you were gaining weight before starting birth control, you'll probably continue to gain weight after starting birth control.

Can she get pregnant 3 days after her menstrual cycle with pre-ejaculate and she took birth control pills but didn't finish them?

Can I get Pregnant If I went on birth control for the first time? When I got the birth Control I had sex. Can I get pregnant?

Will starting birth control in the middle of your cycle delay your next period?

Starting a hormonal birth control pill in the middle of your cycle is likely to delay the next period.

Can starting birth control pills after giving birth trigger your period?

Sometimes yes.

If you are prgnant can starting birth control kill te baby?

If you are already pregnant birth control isn't going to do anything I don't believe. There is no point in starting BC when your already pregnant

What is another name for birth control?


Is it possible to remain on birth control not knowing your body is starting a pregnancy?

It's possible to be pregnant, on birth control, and not know it. If so, you'll just stop the birth control when the pregnancy is discovered.

Can someone takes two birth control pills in a day to finish the pack quicker?

No. definatly not.

Does starting birth control in the middle of your cycle delay your period?

No. starting birth control in the middle of your cycle does NOT delay your period. I started it in the middle of mine and i was fine. it ended on the EXACT day that it was supposed to.

Can starting birth control the day after unprotected intercourse stop you from getting pregnant?

No. It does not act as the "Morning-After pill" When starting birth control you should wait at least a month before having unprotected intercourse.

What is another term used for contraception?

Birth Control

If at 17 not sexually active but should they go on birth control to regulate myself?

No. Actually when starting birth control it can cause your periods to be irregular at first.