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You are to be commended for being one of the good guys and actually are very considerate of this girls feelings. Thanks!

You always have to be true to yourself and obviously you aren't ready for a committment at this time. Go for a leisurely walk somewhere and tell her the truth. Here is something to start out with:

"I think the world of you, but I'm just not ready to settle down to a one-on-one relationship yet. I have hopes and dreams I want to accomplish and I'm just not ready to commit to anyone. I wanted to tell you because I respect you."

There is absolutely no way you can tell this young woman any other way and not hurt her feelings, but she will get over it. Perhaps when you aren't around each other so much you may even find you actually miss her.

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Q: If you do not think you are ready for a serious relationship and do not want to hang out with a girl all the time how do you tell her?
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When should you start to have a serious relationship with a girl?

when you are both ready

What is a serious relationship with a girl?

When you think that the relationship might go somewhere someday.

Is it okay for a 14 year old girl and a 20 year old guy to be in a SERIOUS relationship?

It might not be legal, and could be classed as rape, but if you think you are ready and make sure its safe, its up to you

Who is more serious in a relationship boy or girl?

Usually a girl

How serious is a relationship when a guy gives a girl keys to his apartmnet?

VERY serious!

I asked a girl out and she said she wasn't ready 4 a relationship yet. what do i do?

If you like her that much, then wait until she is ready for a relationship.

You are a man seeking for nice girl for serious relationship?

As you are a nice man looking for a nice girl for a serious relationship, you must find one in a pub or bar and then go steady with her.

What girl says when you ask her out that you are not ready?

it means that their not really ready for that kind of responsibility and that type of relationship.

How do you tell a girl i am not ready for a relationship?

Just tell her directly. I have tried it once with a girl, she said when she was ready, i would be the first one to know. If you like the girl, then just say that she will be the first one to know when you are ready for a relationship. Then if the girl likes you, she would probably say that she will wait for you.

What does it mean when a girl says she likes you but isn't interested in a relationship at the moment but just wants to have fun?

She means she is not ready for a relationship. Somehow she must feel that you are looking for a relationship. She is being real with you, so date and have fun. Keep it light and nothing serious.

What if a girl says shes not ready for a relationship right now?

Move on.

A girl just started a relationship with a boy but you dont think its serious and you like her what do you do?

Ask her out anyway,if she really likes you she'll break up with the guy for you.

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