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Q: If you do meth just one time when you are pregnant but stop completely will your baby be born addicted?
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If you are someone who drinks and you get a girl pregnant would the baby be addicted to beer when its born?

No for the baby to get addicted it has to be the mother who drinks alcohol so the through her the baby gets it.

Will your baby be born addicted to Vicodin?

Will my baby be born addicted to vicodin

Why are some people born addicted to drugs?

Because if their mother's have the drug when they are pregnant, the baby could receive some of the harmful drug.

Can marijuana go through the sperm and make a baby addicted to it?

No. Even if the mother smokes marijuana while she is pregnant, the baby cannot be born addicted to it, since marijuana is not physically addictive. Of course, this does NOT mean it's okay to smoke marijuana while you're pregnant. You're not supposed to take ANY drugs -- including caffeine -- while you're pregnant.

How long can you smoke until it effects the baby?

Smoking any tobacco products affects a baby from day one. As always, it's best to completely quit smoking when pregnant. But, if quitting is impossible then cutting back on smoking is better than nothing. Just remember that when the baby is born, he or she will already be addicted to nicotine, which will cause it to cry more than a non-nicotine addicted baby because they won't be able to have any tobacco products (they are babies!).

Is there any proof that babies born to crack-addicted mothers are physically addicted to crack and where can sources on this topic be found?

Mothers who use cocaine or crack cocaine while pregnant put their unborn babies at risk for all kinds of birth defects and health problems. However, a baby CANNOT be born addicted to crack (or regular cocaine), because cocaine (and crack cocaine) are not physically addictive. There is no such thing as a crack-addicted baby.

Infants born to drug addicted mothers?

Infants born to drug addicted mothers tend to be drug addicted themselves. Mothers should not become pregnant when they are actively using drugs.

Does drugs effect your child if you are taking them and pregnant?

Yes drug use during pregnancy will effect your baby. Depending what you are taking and the amount anything from birth defects to giving birth to a baby born addicted!

Will they check for Oxycontin while pregnant?

If you are pregnant and have an Oxy habit, please be honest with your health care provider. You can safely be weaned off the drug to prevent damage to your baby or causing your baby to be born addicted and in danger of going thru a painful withdrawal. This is the first of many gifts of love you can give your baby - to be born safe and healthy.

Can you take Aderal when pregnant?

NO NO NO...I was on the drug before I got pregnant and stopped immediatlly. It's speed so do not take it. It has too many side effects and you dont want your baby coming out addicted to speed if your baby is even born healthy in the first place!!

How likely is it to get pregnant after have a baby?

You can become pregnant within 2-4 weeks after the baby is born.

How can one be sure a baby will not be addicted to drugs when born if the mom used when eight months pregnant?

You can't be sure. That is why you avoid drug usage while pregnant. It would be best to inform your OB/GYN or midwife of your usage to ensure the best way to try to provide your baby with the best nutrients from this point on.