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Sounds like it. They may just be going thorugh a situation right now and don't have time for dating. Respect that and back off for awhile. If it's been a few months and they're still delaying, then that's your cue to move on.

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Q: If you ask someone out they said not right now but will later are they interested?
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What does it mean when a guy says he doesn't want to get attached?

hes afraid of commitment He is not interested enough. When you are interested enough in someone you don't worry about commitment.

He always shows signs that he like me but said he wasn't interested why?

He doesn't want to ruin what you two have right now.

If you told a girl that u liked her and she said i dont care does that mean shes not interested in bfs right now or she doesnt care for me in particular?

It could mean that she likes you and is too nervous to tell you that she likes you, or the two things you said: shes not interested in boyfriends right now or she doesnt care for you in particular. but ask her and tell her you want a answer NOW!!! Cause she might never answer and it's best to get an answer quicker now than a week, month, or year later. It'll kill you!!!

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They may not be interested in you as you are them but when you like someone you tend to not want to see it in hopes they change their mind. Your best bet is to give them some space and not bother or pressure them. They now know you like them and if they are interested in you they will come to you however, don't wait around as it does seem that they are not interested.

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What does it mean if she said yes to a date then the next day said no because she likes someone else?

Maybe she realized that she loves someone else later on. Or there is a chance that she is a player and was fed up of it? Try talking to her 'bout it. : )

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