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oh now or then

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Q: If you are pregnant how long until your nipples change color?
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Do dogs nipples get big when in heat?

A female dog's nipples get bigger when she is pregnant because the puppies can more easily get ahold of bigger nipples to nurse from their mother, plus milk collects in the body of the mother and that makes the area bigger.

If you have had itchy nipples for almost a week and sharp abdomen pain with no bleeding and you want to know if you should consider yourself as being pregnant?

Don't consider yourself as pregnant until you have taken the test. I am saying that "for sure" I am pregnant but are these signs of being pregnant is my question, I have a 5yr old daughter and when I was pregnant with her I didn't have itchy nipples abdomen pain yes. I know I don't have excema because I don't have cracking in my skin but it is very uncomfortable..

Can you still show pregnant on a test if you have a miscarriage?

Yes it will show positive until the hormones have settled. After a miscarriage it takes time until they change from being set on pregnant.

Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated in the state of Mississippi?

Being pregnant does not change one's age. Until you are an adult, you are not emancipated.

How can you leave your parents if pregnant at 16?

Being pregnant does not change your age. Until you reach the age of majority, usually 18, you are their responsibility.

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How do you change your monster's color on Moshi Monsters?

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How does a federation distribute power?

they rub their nipples until they bleed

Does nipples erects?

Rubbing the nipples or licking them, or having sex or masturbating makes the nipples stiff.

How can you tell a cat is pregnant after about a week of possible conception?

I'm afraid there is no real way of telling until she is 3 weeks gone, when her nipples should "pink up" ie go a rosy pink colour.

Is a shark change its species when it is pregnant If so how do they change their species?

Yes, Sharks change spices when the feamale shark is pregnant, they countinue to be a mammal until the shark has given birth to the pups. They change when the whomb begins to grow the pup. The swim blatter changes from anticorasponding to opticorasponding.

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