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Q: If you are ovulating and he pulls out and put back in can you get pregnant still?
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What if its your ovulation time and he pulls out and put back in can you get pregnant?

Yes. If you are ovulating you are more likely to become pregnant. Many women have become pregnant from pre-cum. If you don't want to become pregnant I would recommend condoms and/or a form of birth control.

Can you get pregnant if a guy pulls out to come then puts it straight back in you?

Yes. There is always some left in the urethra. The pull out method get 1/4 pregnant.

If you Took 2 packs of pill back to back missed pills in both packs no period on 7 day break pregnancy test negative could you be pregnant?

It is REALLY SIMPLE:If you have sex you CAN become pregnant, pill or no pill, condom or no condom, whatever.There ALWAYS is a possibility (sometimes very small but still greater than zero) of becoming pregnant when sperm is introduced to an ovulating female. Period.

Can you back track from your missed period to find out which day it was that you got pregnant?

You would normally count back to your last period and it would be between day 12 and day 14 that you fell pregnant. These are the most common ovulating times for women

If I had a miscarriage and my pregnancy symptoms disappeared but now they are back could I still be pregnant?

If you really had a miscarriage, you can't still be pregnant, but you could be pregnant again before you get your next period.

When you get the rods removed from your arm is it likely to get pregnant straight away?

Yes, it's likely to get pregnant straight away. This is not because you're "more fertile," but because your hormones are adjusting back to your natural rhythm, and you don't know exactly when you're ovulating.

How long does it take to get pregnant again after pregnancy?

It all depends when you start ovulating again. You can get pregnant again without ever getting a period since the egg comes before a period. If you breast-feed your period typically comes back later.

Does pearl contraceptive help your period to come if its late?

Not if you are pregnant. And I think you mean the pill, not pearl. Birth control pills stop you from ovulating and does not bring your period back, it makes it stay way.

Can you still be pregnant if the blood test came back negative?

yes, but not likely

Should I stop birth control if my tests came back negative but I still feel pregnant?

Should I stop birth control if my tests came back negative, but I still feel pregnant, but haven't missed a period yet?

How do you know if you have stopped ovulating?

Hi, I am 48 year old. I have not had a period in 6 or 7 months. I had intercorse yesterday and this morning I began hurting in my lower back, this afternoon I have began bleeding. I am not on birth control. I thought I was finished with that part of my life. Since I started bleeding am I still ovulating?

Can you be pregnant if you have no period but the tests say you are not?

yes you can still be pregnant but it very unlikly however it is still possible if some test say positive and one come back negative its more lilkely for you to be pregnant as they are 99% accurate