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ask your mom if you can get a training bra. its like a cupped bra. OR you can tell them to suck it up and like you for who you are.

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Q: If you are left out with all of your friends on wearing a bra what do you do?
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Do all girls have to wear a bra?

I would say no.. But it is better to start wearing a bra when you have started to grow breasts...

Can you get breast cancer by wearing a bra?

NEVER!!!! you cant get any cancer by wearing a bra!

What size of breast do you have to start to wear a bra?

There is no size, it all depends on comfort. When you get to the point that you are more comfortable wearing a bra than you are without one you should start wearing one.

Your daughter is too embarrassed about wearing a bra what should you do?

Wait. She does not want her friends to tease her. In a year she will have a reason to wear one and they will not tease her. Let her be a kid for another year. When her friends start teasing her about not wearing one, she will start.

What bra are you wearing?

I'm wearing 1 green grey polka dotted bra and 1 grey butterfly bra, and a sports bra why do you ask because bras are very comfortable. oh and I wear bras to bed all the time because that's the way I sleep very well and I'm wearing some comfort plus medium heels to bed because I sleep well with all this on.

Are you wearing a white shirt?

No but I am wearing a white bra

What age should you be to wear a bra?

The answer to that depends completely on development and physical maturity. The age for girls beginning to develop breasts varies a large amount, and some people might feel left out if their friends are wearing bras. If you thin you are ready to wear a bra, go to a store and get yourself measured by a staff member, they will tell you what size bra you need to buy.

What to wear under maxi dress?

Your underwear & maybe a bra (depending on how the dress is built). For example, some dresses have a bra or push-up bra built inside; others are very strappy or have none at all, so not wearing a bra or wearing a strapless one would look better.

What age should you start wearing a bra in Canada?

age doesn't matter. some are 8 some are14 be4 the start wearing bras. all my friends and peers where bras but i don't because i don't exactly need one even though im 12 my and my friend are the same age. if you are under 10 or under and need a bra i think you should wear a sports bra they work good and people wont stare at you. if you are 11 or older and need a bra i say go a head a get a cup bra. they start in a super small size and go to super huge. there is no rule when to start wearing a bra in Canada but basically when ever you need one and are comfortable wearing one. if U aren't comfortable wearing 1 but U you need you should wear a sports bra no matter what age u are. a sport bra is very comfortable. Hope this helps! source: experience from a 12 year old

You are wearing a white t-shirt?

No but I am wearing a white bra

Does Amy in the Sonic the hedgehog video games wear a bra?

It has not been shown of her wearing a bra. I don't think she wears a bra because since her back is shown it does not show any sign of her wearing a bra.

Is wearing bra's good?