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I am in the same boat as most of you. I haven't had a normal period since I was 23 I am now 25. I delivered my daughter 19 months ago and I still haven't returned to normal.

For any of you that are concerned about not being regular you need to see your Primary Care Physician.

Sites like these can be helpful, but they aren't the answer. Only a professional who speciallizes in these departments can answer your questions.

Every person is different, just because one person is 10 days late and finally finds out they are pregnant doesn't mean that another person 10 days late could find out the same. I went to the doctor today to have blood work done, to test for pregnancy and hormonal imbalance. If that comes back negative the doctor will decide what path to go down.

For the individual who is always tired, has gained weight, and doesn't want to go out anymore, you really need to see your doctor. A friend of mine had the same issue. Guess what she wasn't pregnant, she was depressed and didn't even know it.

Don't depend on these sites. Seek professional help.

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Q: If you are 10 days late and have signs of pregnancy but several HPTs and a blood test were all negative what are the odds that you are pregnant?
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I'm 4day's late negative pregnancy test pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?

Get a blood test. My mom was 3 months pregnant and home test was negative..Blood test are 100% positive

I had my period on 24 Nov 2009. I did a blood test and it was negative. I also did a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. Could I be pregnant?

If you have had a negative blood test, it is very unlikely that you are pregnant

Can an ovarian cyst cause a negative blood pregnancy test?

Definitely not. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your blood which means you're not pregnant.

Are you pregnant if home pregnancy test is Negative but blood test is positive?

the blood test is more accurate

I am 6 days late for my period and I took a blood pregnancy test it was negative can I still be pregnant?

your are definetly pregnant

If a pregnancy test was negative can you still be pregnant after missing your period for two months?

A urine test can give a negative result and the individual is pregnant. For complete accuracy you will have to take a blood test (pregnancy).

Can a blood pregnancy test done one week before the period be negative and woman showing signs of pregnancy?

If you are not pregnant, yes.

If you had 3 positive pregnancy tests then a negative and started bleeding and having abdominal pains and then a blood test was negative were you ever pregnant in the first place?

It really depends on how long after the bleeding you had the blood test. If you had the blood test within 5 days after the bleeding and it was negative then its possible you wasnt pregnant. But if you had the blood test less than 5 days after the bleeding and it was negative, then you was not pregnant. But a pregnancy test should only go positive when HCG has been detected and this is only during pregnancy.

Is there any chance you could be pregnant if you've had several negative pregnancy tests including a blood test but no period?

if all tests showed as negative then you should go see your gp about the fact that your periods have stopped.

The pregnancy test is negative but you feel pregnant?

go to a doctor, they can take blood tests, they are 100% accurate!

Is it possible to get a false negative blood pregnancy test?

no because if you are pregnant even at an early stage in your pregnancy the hcg hormone shows up

You've had a negative blood pregnancy test and you still have symptoms of pregnancy now you are feeling kicking can you still be pregnant?

It's very unusual to get HCG negative. So don't worry

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