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Q: If the weight of the bottle with the mystery substance inside is 0.250 N what will the bottle do?
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Where do you put the weight on a pop bottle rocket?

inside the rocket

What is mass of container?

The weight of the empty can, package or bottle containing whatever substance you are purchasing. For example, a bottle of milk alone can weight almost one ounce; this weight is the mass of the container.

What is the weight of 1Liter water bottle?

No way to tell. A glass bottle will be heavier than a plastic bottle. Only thing that can be said is that the water that'll fit inside will weigh darn close to one kilo.

How do you measure the specific gravity of a powder?

It is a small glass bottle usually of 25 or 50 c.c. capacity with a slight conical neck. It is fitted with a ground glass stopper which has a fine bore along the whole length. When the bottle is completely filled with any liquid and the stopper is fitted to the mouth, the excess of the liquid flows out through the hole in the stopper. Thus, the inside volume of the bottle is always kept constant. This bottle is used to find out the specific gravity of a solid in the form of powder or small fragments, and of liquid also. Let the weight of the empty bottle = W1 gm. The weight of the bottle +powder put inside = W2 gm. Weight of the powder = (W2-W1) gm. Weight of the bottle + powder water to fill the rest of the bottle = W3 gm. Now pour out all the contents of the bottle and fill it up with pure water taking care to remove any air bubbles from inside. Let the weight of the bottle when full of water =W4 gm. Weight of an equal volume of water as that of the powder = (W4-W1) - (W3-W2) gm. Hence Sp. Gr. =

What is the weight of an empty 3 kg primus gas bottle?

This is the tare or tara weight stamped on the bottle.

A bottle and honey weight is 1500 grams if you take the weight of half honey and bottle its weight 900 grams what is the remaining weight of honey?

Total weight = weight of honey + weight of bottle or equivalently: Total weight = 1/2 weight of honey + weight of bottle + 1/2 weight of honey then plugging in for the values we know: 1500g = 900g + 1/2 weight of honey so 1/2 weight of honey = 1500g - 900g = 600g

How do you find volume of a bottle when its mass is given it's weight with the water is given and the waters density is given?

The weight of the bottle with the water minus the mass of bottle gives the weight of the water present.Mass/Volume=Density,therefore weight of the water/density gives the volume of water present in the bottle which is nothing but the volume of the bottle itself.

What is Poids Net?

It is the French term for "net weight", which is the weight of a substance, not including the weight of the container it's in; "gross weight" includes the weight of the substance and the container.

How much does a water bottle cap weigh in grams?

If the bottle holds 500 mL of water, then its contents have a nominal mass of 500 grams, and weigh 4.9 newtons (1.1 pounds) on Earth. -- If it holds some other substance, then its mass and weight are different. -- If it is weighed in some other place, then the weight of the same mass is different. -- This discussion applies only to the bottle's contents. We have no way to estimate the mass or weight of the container.

How do i know if i used 2.6oz of 6.4 oz if i cant see in the bottle?

If you cannot see inside the bottle you can measure the amount of product you used by using a digital kitchen scale. Start by weighing the bottle before use and noting the weight. After using the product weigh the bottle again and subtract the original weight from the new weight. The difference between the two weights is the amount of product you used. For example if the bottle weighed 6.4 oz before use and 4.8 oz after use the difference is 1.6 oz meaning you used 2.6 oz of product.

What does a bottle of perfume weight?

a bich

A bottle of milk has a mass of 1.3 kg. what is the weight of the bottle of milk?