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Q: If someone is 36 and their birthday is on feb 13 what year was she born?
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What happened on feb 14?

what year, my birthday is close to then

When is vinnie politan's birthday?

The actual birthday of CNN's Vinnie Politian is uncertain. However it is clear that he was born in the year 1975.

A famous Italian composer born in February 1792 wrote the opera the barber of Seville he died shortly after his eighteenth birthday at the age of seventy-six how could that be?

Rossini was born on Feb 29th - born in a leap year terefore he only 'had' a birthday once every 4 years.

How old are you now if you were born 13th Feb 1982?

Current Age = Current Year - Year of Birth, if the person has had a birthday in the current year and one year less than that if not.

What is the birthday of Patrick carman?

Born on Feb. 27 1966

How old would you be in 2010 if was born feb 1963?

On your birthday in Feb of 2009, you turned 46. On your birthday in Feb of 2010, you turn 47. You ought to be able to handle this kind if math by now.

When is the revs birthday?

The Rev.'s birthday is February 9th. He was born Feb. 9th, 1981.

What is Elizabeth Taylor's birthday?

feb 27

Is it possible to be finally eligible to walk into bars on leap day if you're born on March 1 and the previous person was born the day before and was able to that day?

A person with a leap year birthday day February 29th will have their birthday celebrated on either Feb 28th or March 1st. In the United Kingdom their non-leap year birthday is deemed to be on March 1st whereas in Australia it is deemed to be Feb. 28th. So the date as to win someone can be old enough to consume alcohol is based on their country.

James said he was born on Feb 29th 1 9 0 0 Therefore what actual birthday did he celebrate in the year 2000?


When Taylor launther birthday?

Well he was born Feb, 11, 1992

What is 20th feb celebrated as?

For a persopn that was born on the 20th of february, a birthday.