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B/c we r onliii human ;p ANSWER: Love is blind but lust is 20/20.

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Q: If love is blind why is lingerie so popular?
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What does this exactly mean If love is blind then why is lingerie so popular?

Because lingerie is lust not love

Why is football lingerie so popular among young women?

Football lingerie is so popular among young women because it is the first time that women have played the sport of football in any sort of professional atmosphere.

If love is blind....then why lingerie is so popular?

That's part of what 'love is blind' is about. We first see the outer packaging of a person and then we generally like what we see and look at the person more passionately, but part of falling in love is getting to know the inner part of that package (the inner self of that person.) Sometimes people make bad mistakes because they fall in love with looks and they don't see the danger signs that their so-called true love is emitting from every pore of their being. In time we often find the inner self of that person is pretty ugly.

Which UK lingerie retailer offers discreet delivery?

There is an online retailer called Love of Lingerie that I have used. They send customer orders in plain boxes or bags so that no one knows what is inside. Here is a link to them if you want to take a look

Should you like a guy that is immature?

Love is blind so heck YEAH

In romeo and juilet what does mercutio say about blind love?

Mercutio tells Romeo that if love be blind, it cannot hit the 'mark'. This 'mark' actually implies sexual pleasure, and he is therefore saying that Romeo will not have sex with Rosaline until their love is not blind...which it is, implied by Laurence later in the play (he speaks of young men being shallow (blind) and only loving women for their looks).

Where can one purchase lingerie for women?

There is a website called Spicy Lingerie where you can purchase lovely items of lingerie. 3 Wishes-- is a website for lingerie and you can also buy costume type lingerie for the more playful type person they have wonderful items, check them out you will love what you see. Lingerie More is a website that is fantasic and the prices are very affordable for everyone, they have everything from corsets and bustiers and costumes the have stockings and even plus sizes.

Can i wear your lingerie?

Yes of course, but you need to get a matching lingerie for your figure. So you can ask any your friend before buy a lingerie from your local store or online store as colorsandtoys

Where can one purchase wholesale lingerie?

One can purchase wholesale lingerie from various sources around the world. Some companies that sell lingerie wholesale are Best Wholesale Lingerie, Lingerie Wholesale China, Lingerie More and Elegant Moments Lingerie,there are some online sites like or .

How popular is tmnt?

So popular u wouldn't believe it!I love that show!

Will the voice be just as popular after the 'blind audition'?

It remains to be seen. No one knows, the producers hope so.

Why is the game of football so popular?

people love them