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Q: If im obvulating but i miss my period can i be pregnant?
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How should you know if im pregnant?

Miss period?

Can a Pregnancy test tell im pregnant if im on your period?

If you have your period, you are probably not pregnant.

You are not pregnant but period is not having on time?

im always on my period im always on my period im always on my period

Already had my period and im experiencing gagging tiredness cramps that are sharp headaches mood swings what does that mean?

You could be pregnant. Take a test if you miss your period

Lower Adominal pain does mean im pregnant?

No. You wouldn't have any pain. You'd probably have dizziness or fainting after you miss your period.

Why did I miss my period last month and it's late this month im not pregnant I have never had sex?

go to a doctor and ask :P

You just had your IUD taken out how will you know when im pregnant?

When you miss a period, take a urine pregnancy test. That's the typical 21st century way to know if you're pregnant.

Does bloating mean im pregnant?

No, it probably means that you are about to have your period. Typically, the first sign of pregnancy is morning sickness, although you might miss your period before you have morning sickness.

Im suppose to be pregnant but your period came on are you still pregnant?

Nope your not pregnant

You had unprotected sex on mon morning how after will you know im pregnant?

You might not be pregnant. You need to figure out if Monday was mid-way between your periods. If it was, you could be pregnant. Women usually think they might be pregnant when they miss their period. Then, they take the pregnancy test to find out. Otherwise there's no way to know. There probably won't be any symptoms until you miss a period.

How do i know if I'm pregnant if im taking the pill?

You will miss your period,have pregnancy symptoms, or you could take a home pregnancy test or see your Dr.

How do you tell im pregnant when im 10?

well it depends if your on your period

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