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I'm a lesbian as well, maybe if you put your age and where youre from you might meet someone on here? xxxx

im also a lesbian, im 14 and live in Iowa, anyone close ?

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Q: If im a lesbian and you want a girlfriend where can you find one?
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How do you not be jealous of your lesbian friends girlfriend?

Think of all of the bad things about the girlfriend and find yourself one who is better!

What do you do when a lesbian is attracted to another lesbian bt one has a girlfriend?

well the one with the girlfriend needs to figure out what she is doing or they couldd all figure it out together

When is the right time to find a girlfriend?

It does not matter what time it is. If you want to find a girlfriend, then find one.

I'm a 13 year old lesbian who lives in Liverpool and I really want a girlfriend anyone know where I can find one?

I'm 13 and i live 25 minutes away from Liverpool!

Where can you find a 13 year old lesbian if you don't have an email address?

I am to and want to find one to

Did you have a girlfriend in school?

not yet but alot of girls hit on me No I don't... I'm a girl, not a lesbian, and don't want one. I don't even have a boyfriend... but I wish I did... a boyfriend that is.... =)

Who is Nicki Minaj girlfriend?

Nikki minaj dosent have one

Hey I am bi-sexual I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend I don't want them to find out that I am dating both of them What do I do?

It is best to only have one boyfriend/girlfriend. You would not want to break someones heart.

On which websites can one find lesbian fiction?

One can find lesbian fiction on various websites like GoodRead and AutoStraddle. One could also go to a local comic book store and ask if they have lesbian fiction for sale.

What the legal age to be lesbian?

there is no legal age to be a lesbian. its your choice if that's the way you want to go. no one can stop you.

How do you get your lesbian girlfriend back?

The first thing is to know that they are the one you want to be with. If they don't want you back, that's their loss not yours. And I'm sure you will find the right person someday.

Find a girlfriend in Iran why do you want to do such a silly thing i advise you to be happy without girls?

There are several ways one can find a girlfriend in Iran. You can go to church, parties, or even online sites.