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Yes, If you smoked 5 cigarettes chances are high that you will get addicted to the cigarettes.

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Q: If i smoked 5 cigarettes will i be addicted to cigarettes?
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Did Eddie rabbitt smoke cigarettes?

no, he smoked a little, but he was not addicted to them, he was very awale about his health, he did not do drugs either.

How many cigarettes were smoked in casablanca?

22 cigarettes were smoked during the film.

How many cigarettes are smoked per person per day?

Depends on the person. Some people, who are not addicted as much, can only smoke a few cigarettes a day, while others can smoke loads and loads of packs.

Is it true that if your a Crack Baby its really hard to grt addicted to cigarettes?

If you are addicted to crack, you can still get addicted to cigarettes, except that crack is more addictive and you may not have the time for cigarettes.

What is in cigarettes that gets you addicted to them?

Among the other hundreds of possible chemicals that may be addictive in cigarettes, nicotine is the most commonly known drug in cigarettes that get you addicted to them.

You smoked for 5 months like 5 cigarettes a day can you have cancer?

sorry to tell you but yes you can have cancer! But you can also have cancer if you have never smoked. And you could smoke for a lifetime and not have cancer.

Was Elvis addicted to cigarettes?

how should we know

Frank Zappa's brand of cigarettes?

Frank Zappa mainly smoked Winston cigarettes.

How wany cigarettes can be smoked at once?

If gasp cigarettes have 5 mg tar and 0.4 mg nicotine per cigarette and there are 20 cigarettes per pack, how many packs of cigarettes would hve to be smoked to coat your lungs with 4 0z (1/4) of tar? How many packs would you have to smoke to introduce your lungs to one gram of drug nicotine?

On average How Many Cigarettes Are Smoked Worldwide?

On average 6000 billion cigarettes are smoked each year globally by around 1.1 billion smokers. :D

How can you avoid being addicted to cigarettes?

By not starting smoking.

What is the common age teens get addicted to cigarettes?