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I'm really not sure, and i dont want to find out, and trust me you probably dont either. My advice would be to just drop the whole weed thing, unless you have a death wish.

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Q: If i haven't smoked weed in 4 months how long would it take to get out of my system if i only did it once today?
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You havent smoked marijuana in 3 12 months and you smoked a little a week and a half ago will you fail a drug test today?

yes your going to fail

You ave not smoked pot in 3 months put smoked a joint today how long will it take to pass a pee test?

I would say about a week, tops.

You smoked today an before that your system was clean will you pass a drug test in a week?

a week or 2 just about

If you haven't smoked pot in months but took a few hits yesterday and have to take a urine test today what are the odds of passing?


I smoked today and i have a drug test in for days but I dont smoke heavy. How can I clean my system out?

stop smoking.... lol

I smoked today an I have a job interview Wednesday if I drink a bunch of water how fast would thc be out of my system?

If you smoked today and have a job interview on Wednesday, no amount of water you drink is going to take the THC out of your body. You need 30 days to detox from marijuana.

Did the satellite fall yet today?

No it havent

I am 8 months pregnant I have smoked weed on and off during my pregnancy If I stop today will the THC still show up in my newborn's urine?

Sorry to answer your Q with a Q, but ..... WHAT is wrong with you?

If you havnt smoked pot in a month and yesterday smoked 5 hits can i pass a surprise drug test today?


If you smoked an ounce of marijuana a day for 5 years and have been clean for 50 days but smoked 1 blunt today how far would it set you back?

Pot will stay in your system for at least thirty days. Tests now are very advanced and can now show just trace amounts of drugs in your system.

How can you get a clean urine from heroin when i smoked it last night and got to give sample today?

how can i get a clean urine from heroin when i smoked it last night and hot to give urine sample today.

You smoked marijuana 45 days ago you had a drug test today Are you going to pass?

marijuana stays in your system typically 3-30 days depending on how frequently you smoke and the potency. if the last time you smoked was 45 days ago, then yes you should be fine