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im no doc but i kept peeing blood and had very dark urine im now getting scans done. you should see your gp

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2009-05-29 20:35:14
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Q: If i have never had a period and once i peed and it was relly dark almost like blood but the rest of the day if was normal what was that about?
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Is it bad to smoke marijuana while on your period?

i never had a problem with smoking marijuana on my helped me feel better. My blood flow was normal and the length was normal. so in my experience it doesnt matter.

Can blood pregnancy tests be wrong?

No. Yes, if the test is taken before the first day of your period. Blood tests are only accurate 7-12 days after ovulation. For some woman that may mean that the test may not be accurate till the day of their expected period. Once that day has come then blood tests are almost never wrong. You say no but then you say almost never so what is it can it happen or not??

Is it normal for red nose puppy to pee blood?

It is NEVER normal for a puppy to pee blood. If there is blood in the urine contact your vet

Can you get period pains when not on your period?

totally normal don't worry if you have never had your period before then well you may be!

Is Jim Jones blood?

Jim Jones has never been a Blood, Jim Jones has never been in a gang period.

Why are my periods irregular when they used to be normal?

your period will never be the same everytime

What is this blood 3 days after your period and this has never happened to you before?

If you are experiencing blood three days after your period and it has never happened before, contact your doctor. Several conditions can cause bleeding.

I am 11 almost 12 and I haven't started my period why haven't I?

People develope in different speeds its perfectly normal dont rush yourself..... it will come some day and you wish you never had it.

Is it normal for breasts to hurt after period?

Yeah - it's pretty normal but if it never stops before the next period starts you may want to discuss it with a doctor.

If you have been on Depo Provera for 6 years and never get a normal period what could it mean if you start cramping and bleeding and your breasts are tender?

In my experience I was on the shot for atleast 3years and I never had a normal period either. In fact I didn't have a period at all. You may just be having your period and it has not been normal so I think you need to go to the doctor.

What can it mean when you begin ur period with brownish stains it had never happend to me before and we never use protection in intercourselately I've been feeling tiredheadaches and back pain thanks?

Sometimes periods do begin with brown blood. If your period was normal flow for you then it means nothing except that it started with old blood. If your period was very light or spotting then you need to perform a pregnancy test in 2-3 weeks.

How do you get pregnant if you have never got periods?

I'm not sure you can. The baby needs blood from your uterus to survive and when there isn't a baby the blood gets discarded (that's your period). So if you've never gotten your period, that doesn't mean you don't have blood in your uterus that would help the baby survive...I'd ask your doctor or go to and go to the "Am I Normal?" section and ask health professionals there. Good Luck!

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