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Your lip will heal with the hoop through it. In a couple years, when you remove the hoop you will have a hole in your lip.

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Q: If i get my lip pierced and then take it out a couple years later will it heal?
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Does pierced cartilage ever heal?

Yes it does heal because i am 11 and i have it pierced and i got it in April and in June it was healed and i change it like every day now! =)

What helps a pierced ear heal?

Leaving it alone! no joke. The more you play with a recently pierced area, the longer it takes to heal and the more likely there is of a chance of infection. Just leave it alone and it'll heal up in no time.

If you have pierced ears on for 40 years can they still re heal themselves?

Sorry but at this point it's highly unlikely. I would suggest seeing your doctor about lancing the piercings then allowing them to heal that way, it's an option.

Will my navel piercing take longer to heal if it's pierced crooked?


How long does it take for a penis piercing to heal?

It depends on where you got it pierced.

How long till a hole closes up after taking a piercing out?

it depends on a few things. A) where the piercing was B) how long it was pierced for and C) how fast you heal. i got my years pierced 3 years ago and i can go w/o earrings for weeks and it doesnt fully close, and a friend of mine got his ears pierced in highschool and it closed up in his 40s.

What if you take out your earrings out to early?

it will heal over again then eventually you will have to get it pierced again.

What can be done to make pierced ears heal?

Remove the stud, ring or whatever and they'll heal just fine on their own eventually.

What happens when you do not let tattoos heal between sessions?

You regret your decision 40 years later.

You got your ears pierced this morning and accidentally brushed one against a pillow if you got a small tear would it heal?

Yes it will heal

Is there a fast way to close a pierced ear?

No only time will heal it nothing else.

Why would the tongue shed skin on the top when it is pierced?

because it is trying to heal itself. it knows it should not have a hold in it and the natural process is to try to heal