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Yes and No. The accumulation of fatty cells in the body makes a person fat. If a person eats too much in most day, he or she is a candidate for obesity. If you overindulged for one day only, then, you should be fine, but do not get overboard. It is much easier to gain weight than lose it.

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Q: If i ate very much one day will i gain weight?
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Why did steven seagal gain weight?

he ate too much

If you over ate just one time will you gain weight you ate a whole pizza and dessert?

Possibly. Gaining weight depends on how much you eat and how much exercise you do.

How much weight do you gain from Twinkies?

It's impossible to tell because it depends on how many Twinkies you ate and if you ate them over your maintenance level or not. If you included them with your calories, you won't gain any weight, but if you ate them over your calorie intake, still probably only gained like a small percentage of a pound. Don't worry about it! Eating a few Twinkies won't cause you to gain very much weight. If you routinely eat a lot of Twinkies, that's when it will start to make a difference. There's no way to put an exact number on it, but the more you eat, the more you gain.

Why Cohabitation in Buddhism in considered as marriage?

buddha was a very skinny man. he ate mac donalds 5 times a day but didnt gain any weight

Will you gain weight if you eat tomatoes orange juice and salad while you are trying to eat very little?

Weight is gained when you burn less calories than you consume. So, if you sit on the couch every day and don't exercise then yes you will gain some weight. The gain will not be as bad as if you ate fatty foods but you will still gain some. If you exercise regularly and have a diet such as that you'll probably lose weight.

What will happen if you take too much calorie?

You will gain weight, and if you do it long enough, eventually become overweight/obese. But if you just ate too many calories for one day, you won't gain anything.

Will you gain weight if all you ate was fruit and nothing else?

It depends how much fruit you consume per day, but I you should aim for a well-balanced diet.

Would you gain weight if you ate chicken bugger and fries for 2 days?

Every time you eat you will always gain just a little weight because your putting food in your body but no you would not gain a lot of weight at all from eating a chicken burger and fries for two days. Its not a very healthy choice to do that though and something you should not do often.

Does sleep affect weight?

it affects ur weight because once you eat u feel sleepy right is because u ate to much the choresterol makes you gain weight done sleep go outside and walk trust me :)

Are chocolate chip cookies good for you?

Just like everything, if you eat too much chocolate, you will gain weight. However, if you eat it in moderation and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn't gain weight from it. /\ | Absolutley True!!!!!

If a person ate 500 calories a day more than burned how much would theu gain in a week?

around a pound a week 3500 calories equals a pound of body weight

How did Amanda Bynes gain weight?

"How?" in the general way is she probably ate more and exercised less. "How?" as in she was always so skinny why would she gain weight, that is because she felt she was too skinny and she was uncomfortable with the way she looked so she decided to put on some weight.