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Well, maybe, it depends, they could've been dared.


Guys do a lot of dumb things to get a girl's attention. They also act differently when they are in a group around you and when they are alone with you. So don't be surprised if he seems like a totally different guy when you see him alone in the hall. I had a friend who was messing around with this girl and accidentally ripped her skirt off. She turned and hit him upside the head and he feel over. She then grabbed his soccer shorts and pulled them off him. When he got up, they kinda of just looked at each other and started kissing. I mean they were both standing there in there underwear kissing. It was really weird. So don't ever be surprised what can happen.

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Q: If at the mall you r sitting and a group of teeneage boys come laughing and they look at you and almost touch you and try to get your attention does this mean anything?
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