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well first figure out why he is avoiding you and after you figre out if you fiure out try to fix it and then just amybe everything will be back to normal

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Q: If a man likes you but is avoiding you?
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How do you live with a man who likes women?

If you're a woman, and a man lives on your house, who likes women so much, there's a tendency that he will court you, and have sex with him. If he likes you, he will try his best to get you. The purpose of a man who loves women so much is to get her by good intention or by force. As a good manner, don't live in a house with a man like that, but avoiding can minimize the damage. But, if you want him also, the sexual fantasies of the two of you will consumate secretly.

Are all forms of avoiding someone a good or bad thing like avoiding stalker or someone who really likes you has a crush on you or someone you have had a argument with and other situations?

All forms of avoiding a certain person could be both good or bad. Like if you avoid a stalker, it could be good because you could never see of him or her again. Or avoiding someone who likes you could be bad because they just want to get know you.

Diffence between gay man and straght man?

A gay man likes guys and a straight man likes ladies.

How can you tell if a boy is avoiding you because he likes you?

There could be many reasons why a boy might be avoiding you, including shyness, discomfort, or lack of interest. The best way to find out if he likes you is to directly ask him or try to have a conversation to gauge his interest and see how he responds. Pay attention to his body language and communication patterns for possible clues.

How do you know that your husband is avoiding you or he likes you?

When he changes his name to Pablo el Nachos and fleas to Mexico City to get away from you.

How do you get past the pinkerton man when he is sleeping on poptropica?

avoiding his alarm trap

What does it mean when a man says he likes being in you?

It means that he likes your life and that he likes being around you

What does it mean if a guy you like keeps his distance is he avoiding her because maybe he likes her?

Difficult to say, he maybe avoiding her because he does really like her and is typically shy, or he just may not want to get too close at this time.

Is a watch a good gift to get a man?

you should get something like a razor or something that man likes try to find out more about that man on about what he likes the best

Is my man gay or bisexual?

If he likes men, he is homosexual. If he likes woman, he is heterosexual, if he likes both, he is bisexual.

What do you call a man that likes older women?

In South Jersey slang, a man who likes an older woman is called a "James Harrington".

Why is my crush avoiding me when my friends around me but when I'm alone he come and talk to meand sometimes when he saw a boy talking to me he always pull me or avoiding the boy i talk why doing thi?

Becuase he knows that you like him and he likes you back and he wants get with you.