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More than likely. This person has broken the golden rule of trust. An honest person would simply have told you they weren't ready for a relationship and started to date other men/women. Cheating is sneaky and selfish because the person wants their cake and eat it too. If the affair doesn't work out then they have the comfort of their old partner to go back to. No one is happy in such a relationship so please "walk on by" and don't look back. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If a man cheated on you once will he cheat on you twice?
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Do you go back to a man that has cheated on you and you have never cheated on him?

yes that is perfectly normal for men to cheat on women. but you should never cheat on him

Once a cheater always a cheater does that mean they will cheat again or just because they cheated they will be known as a cheater i told a married man this and he agreed with me but to which reasoning?

Yes, chances are he cheat again.

Do you know what double-cheated-not-a-wise-man stands for?

It seems this would be a shortened version of the proverb, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." The idea, whether you agree or not, is that once a man has been cheated once, he bears some responsibility to protect himself from falling victim to the same scheme (or person) again.

If a man cheated on a previous girlfriendwill he cheat on the next girlfriend?

There is no guarentee...but i wouldn't be suprised if he did

How many people did Tulisa cheat on her man with?

She hasn't cheated on him,its all rumour.She is committed to her relationship

Is a man more likely to cheat if his he ex-girlfriend cheated on him?

If you had asked "Is a man more likely to cheat on you if he cheated on an ex-GF," then it would be fairly safe to answer yes, even without the data to back it up. But your question is almost like asking, "Is a man more likely to steal a car if his car had been stolen once," or "Is a man more likely to kick your dog if his ex-GF kicked his dog."

Is it possible to trust your husband again after he cheated on you?

* It depends on the individual man. If he has cheated more than once then he will cheat again. People are only human and some weaken and cheat, but learn that the grass on the other side of the fence isn't always greener. This is a signal to the man's wife that they have marriage problems and they should seek marriage counseling and learn good communication skills. If your husband cheated once then he's still worth a chance; if it's been more then kick this guy to the curb.

Will a man cheat on his second wife if he cheated on his first?

Sorry, this is just a stupid question. ANSWER: Probably so, if e cheated on his first wife then married the woman he cheated with, might also happen to her.

Why would a man take a woman that has cheated?

Humans are not perfect and a woman may have only cheated once and will never do it again. You cannot judge a person by past deeds when it comes to love. If they have learned their lesson well from their mistakes they will probably never cheat again and make a good spouse. The other question is ... what if the man has cheated himself! Why would a woman take a chance on him.

Did Amelia Earhart's husband cheat?

yea i think he cheated on her that's so rude of him to do that like for real man

What happens to people who cheats and get caught twice?

It depends on how their mate chooses to handle it. Some men or women (of all ages) will allow their mate to constantly cheat, while others will kick the person out of their life the first time they cheat and yet still, some will forgive their mate if they cheat once and classify it as a bad mistake, but the trust between the two people will never be the same. Most relationships where one or the other has cheated does not last because of trust issues.ANSWER:What happens is I let go my husband because doing it twice is not my way of loving a man who fathered my children. Like they say, " you fool me once, shame on you," " you fool me twice, shame on you" " you fool me the 3rd time shame on me." I don't think there's a life I can give the man that I married if I can't trust and respect him.

What is the duration of The Man Who Cheated Himself?

The duration of The Man Who Cheated Himself is 1.35 hours.

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