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I have, and haven't yet again.

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Q: Has anyone cheated once and then never cheated again?
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Why would a man take a woman that has cheated?

Humans are not perfect and a woman may have only cheated once and will never do it again. You cannot judge a person by past deeds when it comes to love. If they have learned their lesson well from their mistakes they will probably never cheat again and make a good spouse. The other question is ... what if the man has cheated himself! Why would a woman take a chance on him.

Is there any guarantee that once a girlfriend has cheated she will never cheat again?

People are only human and some can make a mistakes by cheating once because they are unhappy in their relationship and they may never do it again. If the couple sit down and communicate their needs from each other there is a chance to save that relationship. If a girlfriend cheats more than once then they will probably cheat again. there are no guarantees.

Is john cena's wife cheating on him?

She has already cheated on him once. There are a few rumors going around that she cheated on him again. But there is no proof that this is true.

Why is your boyfriend cheating?

What it boils down to is he is not ready for a commitment. What results is, if he cheated once, he has crossed a line he can never uncross and he will cross that line again. What you have to ask yourself is, "Do I want to live that life?"

Why do you love him after he cheated on you?

You may feel this way because you're not quite over him. Don't worry, time will heal all wounds. And if he cheated on you, I recommend not dating him again, because if he did it once, he will be able to do it again.

You cheated and want him back what do you do?

nothing, let him be. You cheated once, there is no guarantee for him in this, therefore he will never completely trust you again. With the slightest disagreement this monster will raise its head and you will be reminded of this mishap. So get on with your life. Little advice: There are two things that you should never do to a man. One: don't touch his money and two: don't bruise his ego. Its unforgivable.

Once cheated on should you try for a new relationship?

Sure, why not? I have been cheated on in every relationship I have had, "think I must have MUG printed on my forehead". Just a case of "try, try again".

What do you do if you think he has cheated in the past but he swears he hasn't but your gut is telling you differently?

Usually men who cheat will cheat more than once. You may catch them and they'll swear they'll never do it again, but 98% of them do. If he has cheated in the past and has admitted it to you and swore he'd never do it again and your instincts are telling you he's at it again then you are probably right. Once someone has cheated it is very difficult to ever trust that person again and, if you stay, then it will take a long time to heal even if that person never cheats again. Once someone cheats on their partner the game is over. Unless you have actual proof he has cheated then it isn't right you accuse him of it unless he is coming home late or not keeping dates with you. When you are as unhappy as you are then it's usually an indication it's time to move on. Good luck Marcy I am in a situation kinda like that - I just have a gut feeling my bf is seeing someone else. DO NOT LET HIM MAKE YOU THINK YOU ARE THE CRAZY ONE - he is always trying to tell me that I am crazy but I think that is his way of turning it around. No matter what us women have intuition for a reason, listen to it. If something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't.

What should I do since my long distance girlfriend cheated on me?

If she cheated once, she will cheat again. Find someone new closer to your home.

How do you know if an ex boyfriend who's cheated is really sincere about trying to make things work and what are the signs that he wants things to work?

If he cheated once, he's probably not worth your time, and probably not trustworthy. I would say you can't. If he cheated once, he wasn't totally happy, what happens when you have a rough time again?

How do you love agian after a affair?

You Don't. Sorry but it's time to move on. If the person cheated once they will cheat again the moment they regain your trust. Find someone who is serious about you and only you. You will never trust the person again and always wonder what they are doing behind your back. That is torture. Move on.

What are the possibilties of being cheated if cheated once?

Like everything else in life, 50/50. However, remember that if it does happen again, you have to take some responsibility because you tolerated it the first time around.