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Sweetie it means hes crushing on u :)

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Q: If a guy looks back at you when you walk by him and he stares?
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How do you know if a guy stares at you?

if you look at him and he looks at you back.

If a guy goes past your classroom and looks in does it mean he likes you?

If he stares, and quickly looks away when he looks at you, then yes. If he just stares, and stares, and stares and doesn't even flinch when you look at him, then no.

What dos it mean wen a guy stares at you then looks away when you catch him then he stares back after a while looks in your eyes then stares at your lips then back at your eyes wen u were watching him?

i think it means that he will probably ask u out soon or he is giving u obvious signs that he likes you and wants u to ask him out

Is it true that if a guy stares at wome breast he lives longer?

If a guy looks at a woman's chest it will not make him live longer. It is in a guy's natural to looks at a woman.

If a guy looks at you what does that mean?

Nothing, unless he stares at you, which means he's a pervert.

What if a guy stares at you then looks away quickly when you look in his direction does he like you?


How do you get a guys attention when walking on the street this guy use to always looks or stares at me now i lost that and want to get his attention back I like him a lot?

talk to him

What happens if a guy is open about his feelings to you and when you walk past he stares at you?

He wants to get in your pants probably.

What does that mean if a guy looks or stares at you without expression at different places and only looks or stares from a distance but either looks to the front or down when near you?

Means he wants to make a move on you. He is super nervous though.

What does it mean if a guy stares at you and you look back and he looks away?

It probably means that he like you. Have you tried talking to him? Is he a friend? Evaluate your situation and see what is the most logical answer.

What does that mean if a guy turns around and stares at you and then when you look back he looks down and pretends to do something?

I think that it means that he likes you, but doesn't really want you to know it!

What does is mean if a guy you stare at stares at you back then his friends look?

if a guy you stare at stares back and then his friends do then that means most likely he likes you he may like you but he could also be talking about you to his friends.