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No not at all it just means he is being friendly with a girl. He is just wanting to hang out with a girl as a friend. But if he starts hanging out with a group of girls and starts doing everything with them and starts laughing like them the yes he might be gay.

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Q: If a guy hangs with girls does that mean he is gay?
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What does it mean when you see a guy who hangs out with just girls?

Probably gay.

If a guy hangs out with lesbian girls is he most likely gay?

that may not be the case. if he is not gay then he may hang out with lesbians just because of the fact that most guys think that lez and bi girls are hot/sexy. but it does not mean that he is gay

Is a guy that hangs out with too many girls gay?

There are other reasons for that. Perhaps he is having intercourse with a variety of them. Or more likely, simply wishes to.

What do you call a guy who is fascinated with muscular girls?

A guy who is not gay and i mean he is not gay he likes women not men,so how a guy who like WOMEN with muscles can be gay come on there is a other name than that.

How do girls know a guy is gay?

Girls can tell or know if a guy is gay by observing his behavior in a group of men.

Do you like girls yes or no?

YES! I mean (not to be sexist or whatever) im not a gay guy!

What did it mean if you were friends with all the girls in primary school?

I meant that you were classed as the gay guy

What is a gay girls name?

Lesbian, and for guy's Gay or Homosexual

You are attracted to a guy who acts gay around you but has dated girls how do you tell if he is or not.?

Well, just because he acts gay, doesn't mean he is.

What is it mean if a guy likes 2 girls kissing?

it means he is not gay cause all straight guys like girls kissing

Is One Direction liem guy?

If you mean guy, yes he is a guy. If you mean gay, no he is not gay.

Is a guy gay if he cares about his gay friend but always runs to girls to cover it up?

caring about a gay friend doesn't make a guy guy. It makes him a good friend and a wonderful human being. As for "running to girls," if you know that's a cover-up for sure, then you already know he's gay. Otherwise, it doesn't mean anything.