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Oh dear, here we go again. This exact thing happened to two of my friends. I'll summarize it briefly:

Hannah, the girl, said she liked Noah, the boy, so my BFF set them up. Later we had a school dance, and some things went downhill. The next week Hannah broke up with Noah, and Noah was devastated. He told me that he'd loved her for more than a year. My BFF and I were trying to fix things, and we even found a few notes that they'd written to each other. One from Noah said, "Do you hate me?" Now there's more to the story, but I'd like to get back to your question...

If guys ask if you hate them, they most likely want you back. (If you were dating in the first place) Of course Hannah is defiant, so she won't take Noah back.

So, yes, he probably does like you. ;)

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Q: If a guy asks you why do you hate me does that mean he likes you?
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He either: Likes you-if he blushes at you when he asks Or a friend of his likes you and is too shy to ask you himself

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