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tricky question,though 99percent of girls do like to talk about sex .50percent wont talk openly about sex unless they feel comfortable with who they are speaking to,boyfreind husband,close friend etc

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[it means they want to have sex with you because they want to show their love for you]

Whoever said that is very daft about girls. If she's talking about sex it means she's thinking about sex in general. Not necessarily with you, or with anyone specifically. She could be just thinking about it in an intellectual sort of way.

It is sort of like when you talk to a girl about relationships, you're thinking about a relationship in general, not necessarily with her or anyone specifically.

She probably has no idea that talking about sex makes you think she wants it. Girls don't think that way. She wasn't saying that because she's flirting, or seducing you. Most women just don't think that way.

Another answer:

To whomever wrote the above 3 "paragraph" answer, if I'm talking to a girl about relationships, it's most likely because I want a relationship with that girl. So I would agree with the first answer in brackets that a girl who talks a lot about sex with you or hints towards it around you, basically wants you ESPECIALLY if she is flirting with you heavily (See Body Language Tips Online).

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Q: If a girl talks about sex what does it means?
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What does it mean when a girl talks to you about her sex life with another man?

it means you are in the friend zone

When a girl says she likes you but she has another boyfriend she talks about What is that mean?

When a girl loves you she truly means it. When she talks about a boyffriend she doesnt like you. When she talks about a guy that is a friend it means she loves you and trusts you enough to talk about it with you without you getting hurt.

What does it when a girl walks next to you and talks to you?

It means she doesn't have company to walk with It means she has interest in you.

How do you know if a girl likes you but your a girl?

if she talks to you and touches you on the leg or something like that. then that means she likes you.

What does it means when a girl touches your arm when she talks to you?

Because she wanted something from you

What does it mean when a girl talks to you again after pushing you away?

It means she changed her mind about you.

What if a girl talks about male parts?

She want to have sex with you or she is guest crazy, show what going on down there she might be interested

What does it mean when a girl talks dirty to you?

It means she wants to play with you. She is having fun and wants to get your reaction.

What does it mean to eat a girl out?

means to perform oral sex on a women means to perform oral sex on a women

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it means that to do sex with girl

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