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Yes. She'll love you more if you sweep her of her feet (literally) and give her a cheeky snog. But do it as she stands up for you.

Unless your being told your a womanizer and that's why shes standing up for you, that wont work. You'll be doing yourself no favours.

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Not necessarily. Standing up for someone can simply be a sign of friendship, loyalty, or kindness. It doesn't always indicate romantic interest.

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Q: If a girl stands up for you does that mean she likes you?
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If your walking and a boy stops in front of you what does that mean?

if a boy stands in front of you and hits you or something that means he likes you because if a boy or girl does or says something mean to you that means he like you IF A BOY DOES SOMETHING MEAN TO YOU THAT MEANS HE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (GIRL) (SHE)

What does jenisha mean?

A smart pretty girl who stands up for herself no matter what

What does it mean if a girl knows am in a relationship but she keeps talking to you?

that means that girl likes YOU and wants the girl your dating to get jelous and break up with you

How do you tell if a girl that is a friend likes you?

If she is your friend then it is axiomatic that she likes you.

What does it mean if a girl keeps on kicking you?

If a girl kicks your chair, does it mean she likes yo?

If a girl has a boyfriend and she used to like you and sent you pics of when she was on holidays and calls you when she is upset does this mean that she still likes you?

a girl "has a bf"....hmmmm..." does this mean that she still likes you"....... if she calls you and is upset and talks about how her boyfriend is balblha your just back up

If a girl ask a boy to pick up something should they do it or not?

Yeah defiantly, it may mean she likes you.

What does it mean when a girl always touches you when you walk by?

She's flirting with u or she likes one of your friends

What does it mean when a guy has a baby but is not with the girl and kisses you?

either he likes you, wants you, or just got caught up in the moment.

If I had suggested to a girl I knew a bit to meet and a little while later she asked me for my address and offered to pick me up in her car does that mean she likes me or is it just a friend thing?

she likes you

What do you do when one of your friends who is a girl tells you that her friend who is a girl likes you but the girl who likes you has never talked to you?

Get to know her, if she seems to relate to you date her but its up to you to decide

What if you and your best friend like the same guy and she is always mean to him when the boy and I have a thing?

I am going through this right now, actually. The boy and I are besties and my best friend likes him but she is so mean and I stand up for him. He also stands up for me.