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maybe she just was being playful and spontanious or shes completely clueless at asking you out ona date

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Q: If a girl slaps you on your rear end and doesn't even know you does it mean that she want to seek you out sexually?
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What does it mean when a guy has a girlfriend but talks to another girl sexually?

Teenage boys horemones are crazy , just because hes talking sexually with another girl doesnt mean he doesnt like you it just means that hes not ready to be in that relationship or he wants to experiment different things , dont sit back and let it hurt you speak up stand up for yourself talk to him about it ; anything a boy doesnt get from his girlfriend he will find in another girl but if he is going around with every girl for different things ; the boy is not even worth your time .

Can a girl get pregnant if the boy doesnt pull out?

Yes.A girl can even get pregnant if the boy does pull out.

Does a girl like you if she slaps you in the arm?

Depends, maybe for joking. If the girl stares at you alot, then maybe.

How do you kiss a girl without slapping you?

Say be calm and if she slaps you then run away

Are you a lesbian if you think the girl is pretty?

No. Some people are pretty. We can all see this, even if we are not sexually attracted to them.

If a boy says ewww to a girl and was laughing and smiling is tht playfully teasing?

no, it is not. Basically a girl slaps the buoy who teases her is it flriting?

What does it mean when a girl tells you she is sexually frustrated but you two aren't dating?

That means even though she wants to have sex its not going to be you

If a girl grabs your butt does she like you?

Not necessarily. Maybe she only likes your butt...

You love a girl who is 11 years big fron you and has tho Chile you love her what should you do you love her deadlly but not sexually?

you should just tell her how you feel, even though you dont want her sexually

Can a 16 year pregnant Girl move in with her father even if her patenta doesnt allow her to in?

No. Pregnancy does not emancipate you.

How does a girl become sexually fit?

in the age of 16 girls become for sexually.

What might a girl say if I say I like you?

every girl loves to be told that someone likes her even if she doesnt like them. im sure she would be flattered even if she didnt show it at first.