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if she looks at you with a smiling face, probably she does. but if she looks at you with an angry face she probably doesnt like you.

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Q: If a girl says she doesn't like you but she always looks at you does she like you?
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What if a girl looks at you a lot but doesnt smile?

she like you and if you like her back ask her out

If you are ugly how do you get a cute girl to like you?

to make a cute girl like u its not really about looks...its all oabout your personality...if she doesnt like you for that then she doesnt deserve you...since i am a girl i know sometimes i like the looks but usually its all about the girls personality, if she sees the real you then she can get to know you and like you

What should a girl wear if she looks good in things but doesnt like it on her herself but wants to wear it but doesnt?

Ask your boyfriend.

What turns guys on and they love when they see it?

a girl that is outgoin...and a girl that looks like she always has funn and is always happy

Does joe Jonas have a preference in race of a girlfriend?

No of course not! Do you? Well that doesnt matter to me. Anyway he doesnt and it doesnt matter what the girl looks like just as long as you like her for her. And for her attitude for you and others.

This girl is always staring at you and you catch her all the time and she looks away evertime you catch her she doesnt talk to you much but laughs at your stupid jokes all the time does she like you?


If a girl always looks at you does she like you?

Either that or you have a small octopus on your head.

What do you do if you like a girl and she always looks at you?

an afro with a huge rats tail

Why are boys shy around a girl but not anyone eles but he looks at her a lot?

because the guy might think she doesnt like him and doesnt want to look like a retard

Who is the girl out of the Bon Jovi song always?

It's not a girl, it's Jon! He looks like a girl though!

Why doesnt a boy like to talk to you but he always looks at you and you look at him back?

Because hes scared, or shy. He probley doesnt know wether you like him or not, so he doesnt want to talk to you incase you dont like him and he feels stupid :')

Dose a guy like a girl if he looks at her when she doesn't look?

If a guy looks at a girl when she is not looking, that does not always neccessarily mean he likes you! Hope this helps! =)